[album review] Beast’s Fiction and Fact

Beast is the one idol group whose comeback I always look forward to because it’s really amazing watching them improve with every new release. Back with their first full album Fiction and Fact, they continue to showcase the mellow side that we’ve seen in their previous effort Lights Go on Again while still maintaining the energy that makes them so quintessentially them.

And uh, yeah, I’m back too. 🙂

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aaaaaaaand I’m back

I’m happy to report that my finals for the first semester are finally over! Hurrah! I’m on a three-week long break at the moment, which means that I’ll be able to update this old thing a little more regularly from now on.

Quite a few idols have made their comebacks and debuts in my absence so I thought that I’d just do a quick review of 2ne1, SHINee, B2st, Miss A, and U-Kiss’s new releases under the cut. Where’s 2PM, you ask? I’ll be posting a full review by this weekend since it hasn’t been that long since their mini album dropped.

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[mini-album review] Beast’s Shock of the New Era

Rookie idol group (how long until I can stop calling them rookie? lol) Beast is back with their new mini-album Shock of the New Era and I for one am very excited because not only are they my favorite rookie group at the moment, I’m also quite intrigued by this ‘rocktonic’ sound that they claim to have created. I know, I know, in K-pop one should never get ones hopes too high up but whatever they come up with, I’m pretty sure they’ll pull it off well.

I was worried about giving the boys too much praise so I’ve brought in a co-reviewer, my 15-year-old sister Ela (who prefers MBLAQ) to sort of balance out the review since she tends to look at things a little more objectively than I do. It took me a while to convince her though and I was a little frustrated by her general lack of responsiveness (she’s like, “yeah, it’s okay. No, I don’t like it.”) but hey, we’re still figuring how this co-reviewing thing is going to work since I might convince her to try it more often (like say for MBLAQ’s comeback, *coughcough*)

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