Your love plus my love = Supa Love

If there’s anything I’ve learned in my stint as a K-pop fan, it’s to never judge an idol group by their name. Despite the fact that I find “Teen Top” a cause to snort with derision (what’s going to happen when they hit their 20’s? Are they going to be Young Adult Top?) their brand spanking new song Supa Love is seriously stuck in my head. Seriously – I find myself singing along in the shower and every time it comes up in my playlist, I find myself wiggling in my seat.

The lead singer’s voice is a little too Justin Bieber for my taste but I don’t really mind all that much. It’s a great pop song, catchy without being too annoying, and there’s something about the way the rap flows that I find very interesting.

On a purely aesthetic level though, OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THIS HAIR?? It’s not the worst concept I’ve seen but I feel like you can get that sci-fi feel without having to give them identical, two-toned bowlcuts. The choreography is pretty cool though; it goes well with the concept and I’m not even laughing about the fact that one of their hook moves is basically an update of the sprinkler.

I don’t know how many of you actually care, but the reason why I haven’t been around as much is because I’m on my second (last!) semester of university and all of my subjects are asking for final papers, all to be passed at the end of the month or the beginning of February. Crazy shit, man. But I’ll definitely still be posting. Toodles!


Song of the Day

God, has it really been that long since my last post? In my defense, the internet was down through the entirety of my Christmas vacation, though I suppose that it’s really no excuse.

While I’m not a particularly big fan of Big Bang or hip-hop, any song that can make me subconsciously bob my head is good in my book, and that’s what GD & TOP’s Knock Out is. The beat is just so incredibly addicting – the song’s been on loop for something like 15 minutes and I haven’t gotten sick of it yet!

G-Dragon and TOP is really a winning combination. I particularly like the interplay of the former’s wild, playful style (in dress and in rapping) to the latter’s more subdued swagger. I’ve given the entire album a listen and the fact that they pretty much wrote the whole thing is a testament to their talent. Mad respect, you guys, perfect way to start 2011 even if technically, the album dropped in 2010.

Song of the Day

I’ve never actually been a huge fan of the Wonder Girls. I mean, I liked Irony when it first came out but for the most part, I thought that with the obvious exception of Sunye and Ye Eun, they were a little overrated.

Today I was Youtube hopping and I discovered this song So What featuring David Kim, or as he’s known these days, Dayday from Dalmatian. This song, I think, is the retro concept done a lot less repetitively. It’s catchy without being too annoying and the subtle harmonies really show off whatever vocal ability you don’t get to hear in songs like Tell Me, which capitalize more on the hook. Yoobin and Sohee in particular do good work in the rap bits. It would have been easy to fall flat, especially when you’ve got a featured rapper as good as Dayday (prior to his debut in Dalmatian, he was a rap coach so you know he’s got the skills) but they were able to keep up without letting him overpower them.

The Wonder Years is actually a pretty decent album, and yes, I realize this about two years late. I think the important thing to remember is that we shouldn’t judge a group by their promotional track. :\

Speaking of judging, I’ll be reviewing 2AM’s Saint O’Clock and SNSD’s Hoot soon! 🙂

Song of the Day

Bet you were expecting something from SHINee’s Lucifer.

I’m a little stressed out at the moment, cramming school requirements that need to be done before I leave for immersion on Friday (staying with fisherfolk because there’s nothing more manly than being fishermanly – thank you for that awesome quote, Owen Sanico) and worrying about the weather (rainy day = agitated Kaye) so listening to this song is like a 10-pound weight off my shoulders. Thank you, Chance. This is extremely lovely.

SHINee MV beat and album review will be up when I no longer feel harassed. YAY