[mini-album review] Dalmatian’s First Mini-album

Aaaand I’m back! I know the bulk of you come here to get my take on K-pop releases so you’ll have to forgive my exultation – I’m officially finished with higher education. As MBLAQ would say, “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Dalmatian‘s first mini-album has been out for quite some time but I’ve been working on this review and it’s a shame not to use it, especially given how much I lalalalove the album. Seriously, if you weren’t on the Dalmatian train since Round One (and honestly, I would not blame you if you weren’t), you better be now because this album is awesome.

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[mini-album review] SNSD’s Hoot

After making the rounds in Japan with culturally-appropriate versions of their hit songs Gee and Genie, Girls’ Generation is surprisingly back in Korea with their new mini-album Hoot.

To tell you the truth, I’m not a fan of SNSD at all. I only pay attention to them when it’s time for another round of promotions and even then I only care if the single is really good so that in itself makes me a little biased against. I’ve brought in my friend Ceej from Pushy for Sushi (and The Guidon – she wrote a feature on Kpop, which you can read if you look to your right) to write the review with me. This way you’ll have two perspectives: one from a girl who doesn’t like SNSD and one from a girl that does. Cool huh?

We’re both pretty long winded so I underlined the actual critique-y bits for the tl;dr crowd.
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[mini-album review] 2PM’s Still 2:00PM

I’m sorry, but this concept is hideous. What’s with the random electrical tape across your face, Jun.K?

I have a confession to make – I recently deleted 2PM’s Don’t Stop Can’t Stop mini-album off my hard drive. As I am a 2PM fan, I think it was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make (lol no – but it was very hard). If you recall, I gave them quite a low review when the album first dropped but now that I think about it, I was being extremely generous because I can no longer listen to any of the songs without wanting to throw something halfway across the room. Let’s see if this new album will be any better.

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[mini-album review] F.T. Island’s Beautiful Journey

This review was supposed posted earlier, as a collaboration between my younger sister Ela and me (because she knows F.T. Island a lot better than I do, or at the very least she’s a little more familiar with their discography) but she got a little lazy and thus I am forever alone. It was supposed to be posted last week too, but apparently I can only write when I’m procrastinating for something important (in this case, my History paper huhuhu) so here we go.

After releasing a couple of singles in Japan, the boys of Five Treasure Island are back on home turf with their new ep Beautiful Journey a good year after their last full-length album. The comeback song Love Love Love (everybody clap, clap, clap /bricked) composed by Lee Do Hoon and Lee Sang Ho marks a return to F.T. Island’s earlier, more melancholy and dramatic style.

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[mini-album review] Secret’s Madonna

First of all, I know that the blog looks horribly plain at the moment but I’m currently trying to overhaul the layout with my minimal web design skills (in between trying to keep up with my academic and extra-curricular responsibilities, oh noes) so please bear with me.

Second of all, yay Secret’s back! 🙂 It’s no secret (heh, pun) that these girls are probably my favorite girl group so I’m glad that they’re back with their new mini-album Madonna. Their previous single Magic, was rather well-received (in comparison to I Want You Back, anyway) so I’m hoping that they get even more (much deserved) love with this one.

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[mini-album review] ss501’s Destination

I’ve got a few reviews way overdue and I was seriously debating with myself as to whether or not I should even bother but I figured that I need the practice writing so here we go.

Truth be told, I’ve never really paid much attention to SS501. It wasn’t that I thought they were crap, it’s just that they didn’t really stand out to me. Plus I was a massive SME stan back in the day and I didn’t really expand my circle of Kpop interests beyond what that company had to offer. Now that SS501 is back with what could possibly be their last mini album, Destination, I feel like maybe I should have paid attention.
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[mini-album review] 4Minute’s Hit Your Heart

Let’s talk concept for a minute, shall we? I hate to compare but this, I think, is where 4Minute trumps 2ne1 (again, please don’t throw rocks at me). I used to be one of those annoying 2ne1 stans that hated on 4Minute for their tacky fashion and overexposure of Hyuna blahblahblah…they’ve grown on me since then and I actually find them…endearing.

I very much like this whole mechanic chic thing they’ve got going on for Hit Your Heart. It’s mature with an urban feel without being too in-your-face-BLAHHHH about it. 2ne1 I feel, tries so hard to be innovative in both fashion and sound that they come off looking and sounding rather obnoxious. Whether or not 4Minute will be able to deliver song-wise however is another thing entirely.
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