[debut] Coin Jackson’s Feedback

If you are a debuting group, I would highly discourage you from doing two things: inventing your own genre and claiming to be Asia’s…anything. Seriously, don’t do it.

Six-member girl group Coin Jackson, self-proclaimed “Asia’s first hip hop-capella group” (hip hop-capella is apparently a portmaneu hip hop and acapella – it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure it out but I just really wanted to use the word ‘portmaneu’),  just revealed the MV for their debut single Feedback and ground-breaking, it certainly ‘aint. There’s something seriously iffy about the structure of the song and I hate hate HATE this thing that some female rappers do, where they adopt this sort nasal, squeaky voice when they rap, in the mistaken belief that it makes them sound more hardcore or something (Zinger of Secret is guilty of this, so is Hyuna of 4Minute).

The song itself is actually not that bad. As far as I can tell, there are some pretty stellar vocalists in the group. The beat is kind of infectious, and it kind of reminds me of the sort of stuff CSJH used to do, back when SME let them out of the basement. Which brings us to what I was talking about earlier.

I find it extremely funny when companies try to invent their own genre because it’s so trying hard to be innovative. When the listeners go, “Dude, wtf is this?” the people involved in the production can just go, “It’s hip hop-capella! It’s a new genre!” I may not know my hip-hop, but I certainly know my acapella and that was not acapella at all. Personally, I’d find it a lot less irritating if they just owned up to the fact that they’re riding the electro-hip hop-pop hybrid wave that everyone else is on instead of trying to pass it up as new and funky fresh.

As for being representative of Asia, I’m not buying it until I see a group composed of members from all the countries in the continent, Turkmenistan included (the Middle East is Asian!) Y’all better be recognizing the fact that the entirety of Asia, Korea does not make.


I think I’m in love

Currently experiencing an eargasm of sorts due to the absolute brilliance that is SM the Ballad. Whoever thought of taking Jonghyun, Jay Kim, and Kyuhyun (THAT IS THREE OUT OF MY FIVE FAVORITE MALE SM-BASED VOCALISTS RIGHT THERE), and sticking them into a group together needs to get a raise.

I wasn’t particularly worried about Jino – SME isn’t stupid, they’re not going to stick an unknown into a group of stellar vocalists without making sure that he can hold his own – I was actually more worried that the album was either going to be extremely boring (as many Korean ballads are) or one of those competitions where they try and see who can hold the high note the longest without getting an aneurysm. Neither is the case, thankfully. All the songs are deliciously melodic, each definitely worth more than just one listen.

I’m in a bit of a writing slump, which I suppose is really unprofessional of me, so I apologize for that and for leaving the blog un-updated for so long. I know I’ve got a few regulars reading this blog so kudos to you guys, many thanks for keeping up in spite of my erratic posting schedule. I’ve done a collaboration piece with Arie J of Earcandy Express on Beast’s Lights Go On Again mini-album so you should watch out for that. 🙂

[debut] VNT’s Sound

Once in a while, a group will debut with a rather lackluster song, but something about that group will keep me interested. It happened with ZE:A (who could ever forget Mazeltov? I certainly can’t – my sister and I still joke around with the Friday, Saturday, Sunday line) and Sistar, and it’s happening with VNT.

VNT stands for ‘Voices of Ninety-Two’ and the girls were thus named because they’re all born in 1992, which is a little younger than I like my idols to be, but still a slight improvement over 1994 and – God forbid – below. By my usual standards, there’s nothing particularly brilliant about their debut single Sound but I can’t help but bob my head along to the beat anyway. It’s just a really fun song! It’s hip-pop – pop-ified hip hop – and it doesn’t try too hard to be all srs!biz straight up gangsta. At the same time, it’s kind of in-your-face, which isn’t something you’d expect from a debuting girl group, because they usually stick with the tried and tested cutesy fluff.

I think that what’s interesting about this group is that there are only three members. In a regular sized group (this would be a group with 5 or more members), you can have maybe one or two members who don’t exactly have to contribute anything, musically or artistically, whereas in a smaller group, you absolutely must pull your weight because there’s no one else to make up for what you lack. Which isn’t to say that smaller groups are inherently superior, of course, just that the dynamics are a little bit more interesting to watch.

Strong live is strong. The black-haired one in particular is someone to watch out for. I’d love to hear the rapper sing though.

[debut] Co.ed : Hot or Flop?

Is there a ‘meh’ option?

Co.Ed School (seriously, could they not have thought of a more creative name than that?) is Core Contents Media’s response to the positive reception of last year’s collaboration between T-Ara and Supernova, which spawned the hit single Time To Love. There are 10 members in the group, four girls and six boys, all of whom are between the ages of 14-19 if my math is correct. They debuted last September with Too Late, which they followed up with Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom and the softer I Love You a Thousand Times just this month.

If I were to be completely and brutally honest, T-Nova did the whole mixed group concept a hell of a lot better than Co.Ed did/is doing.

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[debut] Dalmatian’s Round 1

Ridiculous name aside (seriously MC Mong, the entire Indian Boy concept aside, I think you’re a pretty good rapper, and a damn funny guy to boot, so the name kind of baffles me), I think they’re pretty legit. None of this ‘I’m-making-a-stank-face-while-saying-my-lines-therefore-I’m-rapping-rawrr,’ I see with a lot of idol rappers, but then again what else do you expect from a crew handpicked by Mong?

I’m not really feeling the song but what I like about this group is that it looks very intelligently put-together. Three singers, three rappers, and none of them look like they’re just coasting. I like that one guy’s falsetto too – it’s not too nasally, not too shrill…Personally, I’m looking forward to their debut stage, as well as their succeeding outputs.

What I’m probably iffy about at the moment (and I suppose this is me being an asshole) is all the news coming out about leader Inati’s brain hemorrhage and how MC Mong supported him through his ordeal. There have officially been two news articles, and no doubt they’ll probably be asked about it if and when they go on variety shows. I think it’s sweet, really I do (I’m not made of stone, y’know), but I’m hoping that nobody milks the issue for all it’s worth for the sympathy. The dudes have potential – they deserve fans that come for the talent, not the sob story.