[album review] Beast’s Fiction and Fact

Beast is the one idol group whose comeback I always look forward to because it’s really amazing watching them improve with every new release. Back with their first full album Fiction and Fact, they continue to showcase the mellow side that we’ve seen in their previous effort Lights Go on Again while still maintaining the energy that makes them so quintessentially them.

And uh, yeah, I’m back too. 🙂

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[album review] 2AM’s Saint O’Clock

Can I just say that I love the fact that this is a legitimate full album with 11 new tracks (plus the intro track) and not like four new tracks and and a shitload of instrumentals and remixes? Seriously, I love it, I love it, I love it. *claps hands in glee*

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[album review] Super Junior’s Bonamana

The world’s biggest [citation needed] boyband is back with their fourth album this time with 10 members instead of the usual 13. If you’ve been living under a rock these past months, here’s a quick recap: Kibum is still MIA (supposedly busy with his acting lessons; who else thinks that this kid is moonlighting as a pornstar? Seriously), Kangin’s decided to hit the military and Hangeng has officially terminated his contract with SM Entertainment. I think.

I almost didn’t review this album because I knew I was going to be a little bit biased with my commentary. I think it’s because even if I’m not really part of the fandom anymore, Super Junior still holds a special spot in my heart (CHEESY), having popped my K-pop cherry and everything. In any case, I’ll try to remain as unbiased as possible 🙂
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[album review] U-Kiss’s Only One

Cos they’re not anymore, you know what I’m saying?

If you don’t know what song this (slightly edited) line is from, then shame on you, you don’t know U-Kiss. Kidding, though I certainly wouldn’t blame you for not knowing. They’ve had quite a dedicated fanbase since their debut in 2008 but they really made a name for themselves with last year’s release of Man Man Ha Ni coupled with their new ‘electronic gangster hip hop’ (their words, not mine!) image and their new member Kiseob. A year and a half after their debut, they’ve finally released their first full album Only One and despite the fact that it’s been out for quite awhile already, theirs is the album I’ve decided to critique for the first actual review of K Reviews! Yeaaah! You ready for this?~