You know how when you’re obsessed with K-pop, you spend a load of time thinking about things that really shouldn’t take up too much of your brain space?


Will we ever get to hear what Kiseop’s singing voice sounds like? Is it just really that bad or is it so mind-blowingly amazing that they have to keep it hush-hush so Soohyun and Kevin don’t feel bad?

Will 4Minute and their overtly sexual image ever catch a break?

Will CN Blue ever promote a song that doesn’t involve doo-wahs and dah-dee-doos?

Will Taeyang ever rock a different hairstyle?

And most importantly…will Kaye ever review anything again?

At least you can be sure of one thing:

Yes, I’ll be back. 🙂


I think I’m in love

Currently experiencing an eargasm of sorts due to the absolute brilliance that is SM the Ballad. Whoever thought of taking Jonghyun, Jay Kim, and Kyuhyun (THAT IS THREE OUT OF MY FIVE FAVORITE MALE SM-BASED VOCALISTS RIGHT THERE), and sticking them into a group together needs to get a raise.

I wasn’t particularly worried about Jino – SME isn’t stupid, they’re not going to stick an unknown into a group of stellar vocalists without making sure that he can hold his own – I was actually more worried that the album was either going to be extremely boring (as many Korean ballads are) or one of those competitions where they try and see who can hold the high note the longest without getting an aneurysm. Neither is the case, thankfully. All the songs are deliciously melodic, each definitely worth more than just one listen.

I’m in a bit of a writing slump, which I suppose is really unprofessional of me, so I apologize for that and for leaving the blog un-updated for so long. I know I’ve got a few regulars reading this blog so kudos to you guys, many thanks for keeping up in spite of my erratic posting schedule. I’ve done a collaboration piece with Arie J of Earcandy Express on Beast’s Lights Go On Again mini-album so you should watch out for that. 🙂

Music Recommendation Monday!

A few administrative matters before I get on with today’s Music Recommendation post:

1. I will not be reviewing 2ne1’s To Anyone album. I want to and I have a draft of it in my hard drive, but I’ve been having a hard time finishing it because my opinion of it keeps changing and I know it sounds presumptuous, but I would rather not review anything than post something half-assed. If you do want my opinion on it, feel free to ask on the official Formspring.

2. After this post, K Reviews will officially be on hiatus. Just for a month or so. I know this is no place for my personal woes and dribble but school is really eating me alive these days – I would really, really, really love to graduate on time (March 2011!) so I have to focus on salvaging the rest of the semester. I’ll be back with more music and more reviews by the second or third week of October because I’ll be on break for a month. I will most likely still be keeping up with the new releases though so again, feel free to drop me a line on the official Formspring.

In any case, I promised more music and now you will get more music! This particular playlist features a certain ex-mustachioed idol singer and an ex-mustachioed rapper, a sweet-as-marshmallow teenager with a big, big voice, as well as a three-member indie group that I’ve only recently appreciated. Let’s get it on! 🙂

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Check out K Reviews’ new look!

It’s not much, actually. Just a new banner (the very adorable Song Joong-ki is not exactly part of the whole K-pop circle, but meh, as an MC on Music Bank, I figure he’s close enough) that I made all by myself, and trust me when I say that this is an accomplishment in itself because I have absolutely no talent when it comes to Photoshop and figuring out what colors go together and such things. I’m a minimalist at heart so the lack of color is not such a bad thing for me.

So this post won’t be completely useless, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • a review of FT Island‘s new mini-album, Beautiful Journey!
  • more Brain Farts!
  • more Music Recommendation Mondays!

How about you? What would you like to see more of on the blog? Drop me a line – I don’t bite! 🙂