My name is Kaye. I’m 20 years old and I’m currently majoring in International Relations with a focus on Europe. I’m a fangirl with lots of feelings and opinions, and I have the irresistible need to share them everybody, hence the creation of this blog.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with any of the Korean artistes mentioned on this blog. I do not get paid for my opinions; I run this blog for the sheer joy I derive from blogging about things that interest me. I am not a professional, I just have time 🙂

On Reviews: I post a stream of the songs and then review them individually. Afterwards, I’ll note down my general comments, plus a rating over 5.

On Music Recommendations: I’ll be embedding the music on the blog post, and putting up a download link that’ll be deleted in 48 hours for sampling. I will also be putting up links as to where you can obtain copies of the songs legally (ex: iTunes, Yesasia, the like)

On Copyright Infringement: There was a huge issue a while back about Allkpop leaking Epik High’s MV and album and Tablo got all pissed at them. So how do I justify my posting of streams and downloads on this site?

  • Haller, recession? A lot of people (myself included) prefer to listen to the entire album before we decide to buy it. Why? Because money doesn’t grow on trees, k? Even if it was my favorite artist, I would never impulsively buy an album without checking first if I like the tracks.
  • Any and all download links I post here (and these dl links are single tracks usually from albums that are quite old and thus hard to buy) are deleted in 48 hours to avoid mass distribution.
  • I post links to places where people can buy the album, like Yesasia or iTunes

If you have a problem with how I run the blog, talk to me and we’ll work something out. I’m friendly! 🙂


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