[debut] VNT’s Sound

Once in a while, a group will debut with a rather lackluster song, but something about that group will keep me interested. It happened with ZE:A (who could ever forget Mazeltov? I certainly can’t – my sister and I still joke around with the Friday, Saturday, Sunday line) and Sistar, and it’s happening with VNT.

VNT stands for ‘Voices of Ninety-Two’ and the girls were thus named because they’re all born in 1992, which is a little younger than I like my idols to be, but still a slight improvement over 1994 and – God forbid – below. By my usual standards, there’s nothing particularly brilliant about their debut single Sound but I can’t help but bob my head along to the beat anyway. It’s just a really fun song! It’s hip-pop – pop-ified hip hop – and it doesn’t try too hard to be all srs!biz straight up gangsta. At the same time, it’s kind of in-your-face, which isn’t something you’d expect from a debuting girl group, because they usually stick with the tried and tested cutesy fluff.

I think that what’s interesting about this group is that there are only three members. In a regular sized group (this would be a group with 5 or more members), you can have maybe one or two members who don’t exactly have to contribute anything, musically or artistically, whereas in a smaller group, you absolutely must pull your weight because there’s no one else to make up for what you lack. Which isn’t to say that smaller groups are inherently superior, of course, just that the dynamics are a little bit more interesting to watch.

Strong live is strong. The black-haired one in particular is someone to watch out for. I’d love to hear the rapper sing though.


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