Song of the Day

I’ve never actually been a huge fan of the Wonder Girls. I mean, I liked Irony when it first came out but for the most part, I thought that with the obvious exception of Sunye and Ye Eun, they were a little overrated.

Today I was Youtube hopping and I discovered this song So What featuring David Kim, or as he’s known these days, Dayday from Dalmatian. This song, I think, is the retro concept done a lot less repetitively. It’s catchy without being too annoying and the subtle harmonies really show off whatever vocal ability you don’t get to hear in songs like Tell Me, which capitalize more on the hook. Yoobin and Sohee in particular do good work in the rap bits. It would have been easy to fall flat, especially when you’ve got a featured rapper as good as Dayday (prior to his debut in Dalmatian, he was a rap coach so you know he’s got the skills) but they were able to keep up without letting him overpower them.

The Wonder Years is actually a pretty decent album, and yes, I realize this about two years late. I think the important thing to remember is that we shouldn’t judge a group by their promotional track. :\

Speaking of judging, I’ll be reviewing 2AM’s Saint O’Clock and SNSD’s Hoot soon! 🙂


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