This is a brain fart

Oh, what a difference a comeback makes.

I’m starting to think that this is a marketing tactic: start off with a horrible debut, come back stellar, allow people to marvel at how much progress you’ve made in between singles. Of course this would actually only work on people like me, who feel the need to watch every MV the idol industry churns out just to satisfy their curiosity, even if they had previously tagged the group as a flop.

In any case, when we last left Nine Muses, I had tagged them in my head as the Most Boring Group to Debut in 2010, as robotic and uncharismatic as the mannequins that they had to portray in their MV, and in dire need of nine cheeseburgers for each member.  No Playboy is not a terrible song per se, but it’s not a fun song, nor is it one designed to show off dancing or singing chops.  I believe I compared it to Ru Paul’s Supermodel (you better work…covergirl! If you do not know this song, I’m shaking my head at you right now) – it’s a song to strut down a catwalk to, nothing more, nothing less, and although the girls did their fair share of strutting in the choreography, I was bored to death halfway through the song.

Ladies is not a brilliant song by any means – choreography is not flashy and the girls aren’t required to do any complicated vocal acrobatics – but believe me, I was engaged. The ladies (see what I did there? Ha ha) are now a lot better at projecting their voices, and now I’ve noticed that they can actually sing quite well. Their dancing is a lot tighter and their smiles are incandescent. I mean, not to sound cheesy or anything, but the fact that they look like they’re actually having fun on stage is part of what makes this song for me.

And guess what? This song was on the same album No Playboy was in. And I’m now wondering what crack their producers were smoking when they chose that for their debut song.

So congratulations, Nine Muses – you’ve been stripped of the Most Boring Group to Debut in 2010 superlative.

I still think you all need the cheeseburgers though.


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