[mini-album review] 2PM’s Still 2:00PM

I’m sorry, but this concept is hideous. What’s with the random electrical tape across your face, Jun.K?

I have a confession to make – I recently deleted 2PM’s Don’t Stop Can’t Stop mini-album off my hard drive. As I am a 2PM fan, I think it was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make (lol no – but it was very hard). If you recall, I gave them quite a low review when the album first dropped but now that I think about it, I was being extremely generous because I can no longer listen to any of the songs without wanting to throw something halfway across the room. Let’s see if this new album will be any better.

1. Still – I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people need to make intro tracks. I mean, seriously. Some producers make very good intro songs (B2st and 4Minute come to mind) but whether they’re good or bad WHAT ARE INTRO SONGS FOR?

2. I’ll Be Back – Nichkhun’s rapping makes me cringe far more than Chansung’s singing, though I must admit that Chansung actually doesn’t sound half bad in this song. Judging from their comeback on M! Countdown, he’s actually in tune, which makes me think that he’s been working on it. Doesn’t change the fact that this song is kind of really bad though. It sounds like Without U 2.0 and I HATED that song.

3. Even if You Leave Me – A slight improvement from the previous track, but still not particularly impressive, unless you count the fact that Chansung is singing yet again. I’m interested in a remix – melody’s not bad but they’ve been using these beats and synths since Heartbeat.

4. I Can’t – This is certainly a surprise – it’s a mid-tempo, acoustic-type ballad with plucked strings (I have a weakness for the sound of guitar strings being plucked) and they actually sound pretty good. Lovely harmonies in the chorus and Junsu’s falsetto is beyoootiful. I wish 2PM would explore this genre more often because they obviously sound better in this softer tone.

5. I Know – Recycled beats and synths again but the song’s not that bad. Taecyeon’s “WHOO! WE-WE-WE ARE 2-2-2PM! VERSE ONE!” is so damn CHEESY and some elements of this song actually reminds me a little of Fly To Seoul and Tik Tok.

6. Dance2Night – My second favorite off the album. It sounds a little dated, a little like the K-pop that was popular in the 2000’s, but that’s what I like about it. Nice vocal work from everyone here, Nichkhun especially, that very brief foray into falsetto was really good. Even Taecyeon’s rap sounds good and I’m usually pretty “meh,” about his rapping. Best of all, it sounds very fun. I do quite miss fun 2PM. 😦 More songs like this (and 10 out of 10) please!

7. I’ll Be Back (club mix) – The remix is significantly less annoying than the original version, I think. It’s still a pretty bad song though.

General Comments:

Someone from Allkpop thinks that it’s “admirable” that JYP composes all of his groups’s title tracks and I’m afraid that I must disagree – it’s not admirable, it’s annoying. It shows that he cares more about stroking his ego than allowing his groups to move beyond mediocrity. I’ll Be Back is so uninspired and I know that JYP didn’t compose the other tracks, but you’ve got the same synths and the same beats being used over and over again. I appreciate that they’ve laid off the autotune this time around, but there’s no progress and the worst part about it is that JYPE groups will continue to win awards for lackluster material simply because they’re a group from JYPE, thus perpetuating the cycle (same with other groups from big companies). 2PM can do better than this (and I flat-out refuse to believe otherwise because I’m a huge stan and I gotta reprezent and all that…no seriously, their endorsement songs are way, way better than their actual material), it’s just that it’s very seldom that they’re allowed to.

That being said, I was completely underwhelmed with this album. All of the songs were significantly better than I’ll Be Back, with I Can’t and Dance2Night being the only songs I really liked, but even then, the songs are a little basic for a group that’s two years old. Musically, rookie groups are progressing a hell of a lot faster than they are – why is that not lighting a fire under your collective asses, JYPE??

1.5/5 for me. Sorry, 2PM. I still love you, Taecyeon. ♥


One thought on “[mini-album review] 2PM’s Still 2:00PM

  1. Can’t blame you about the “Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop” album cause it sucks. >< But the problem is, the songs have stuck with me now. I'll Be Back is an even bigger disappointment and as a Hottest Jaywalker, I'm just not getting the album on my iPod. I can't do it. 😦

    It's also considered me to stop with 2PM now. You know, it's a shame that 2PM Junsu doesn't get a chance to produce songs for 2PM more often because he's pretty talented and the fact that JYP writes all of their songs now is just terrible.

    I still love Junsu but like I said, I didn't want 2PM to comeback this year and this is why. Too much shit has happened and now you can see the result brings out another crap album. I'm no longer a Hottest Jaywalker because of it, I just like all groups. I still love Junsu though.


    *Goes off to find U-Kiss videos*

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