of chocolate abs and Jay Park

Oddly enough, this has nothing to do with Jay Park’s actual chocolate abs. This is however, the first and probably last time you’ll probably see my actual face on this blog.

I know I said that I would be on hiatus until October, but I’ve just had a few good things happen to me and I thought that I would share.

First of all, my friend Cristina Tantengco, fellow K-pop fangirl, writer and all-around awesome individual, has written a feature on K-pop for our school newspaper entitled “Music, Business, and Chocolate Abs,” and not only did she tap me for an interview, she got me to pose for the header as well. Unfortunately, it’s not up on the Guidon website yet so I’ll probably just leave a link when it does. Also, Ceej wrote a series of pieces on K-pop last summer, which you also might want to check out here.

Second of all, I met Jay Park!

Thank you Bianca for this picture!

I’m a student jock at Mellow 94.7 and it just so happened that he was going station-hopping to promote his October 3 fanmeet here in the Philippines. I’m not even going to play – I totally knew that he was going to come to the station, which was why I dropped by with my fellow jocks Gina and Bianca, and our friend Ayisse.

What we knew was that he was going to drop by at 6:30 so at around 5:30, I was there, just chilling out, listening to C&C Music Factory while I looked for some news articles just in case Chris let me do the scoop of the hour and then all of a sudden, Jay Park walks in! No fanfare, no sudden intake of breath from me while my brain goes, “OH MY GOD, JAY PARK, JAY PARK,” none of the usual, I’m-in-the-presence-of-a-celebrity-let-me-make-a-total-ass-of-myself feelings. I didn’t even recognize him at first – I looked up, saw him, looked down…then looked up again when it finally registered in my head that it was Jay Park, in the flesh. I very calmly shook his hand when Chris introduced Gina and me as student jocks, and also very calmly said, “You know, you can sit down,” when he sort of…hovered near the couch (he said, “Oh yeah yeah, okay” or something to that effect).

And then I turned to Gina and mouthed, “I’M TALLER THAN HIM.”

By maybe a centimeter, but probably more. I hadn’t thought to check his shoes. Height, by the way, is something that I obsess over because I’m quite tall for a Filipino girl (5’7″ and a half, though I never really mention the half because…you know, it doesn’t really matter ever), and I revel in the simple pleasure of discovering how I measure up against celebrities. I did it when Beast was here and now I did it with Jay, and I will probably do it if 2PM comes here and I get the chance to meet them up close and personal. Maybe.

I don’t really know what to say about the entire experience because it was so chill and low-key and relaxed. Either I’m now more mature in the face of celebrities, or Jay just gives off this I’m-just-a-regular-dude vibe, which puts you immediately at ease. I talked to him for a little bit while Chris was busy with the board and talking to Jay’s people. Mostly about food and stuff that he should try while he’s here in the Philippines (he refuses to try balut, while we were trying to coax him into trying sisig, which in my opinion is the number one dish to try while here in RP). Overall, it was like having a regular conversation with a guy that you’re trying to coax out of his shell. It wasn’t that I was trying to get close to him or whatever, I just thought that engaging him in chit-chat would be the polite thing to do. He’s a very nice guy. Very soft-spoken, I guess, and obviously very tired, though I couldn’t help but get a feeling of sadness from him. Like, general sadness.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures or a fancam of the very quick interview, but he talked about his upcoming movie Hype Nation a little bit, b-boying, girls…the usual stuff. We didn’t ask him anything about 2PM – it was a general consensus among us girls as I think he’s put that part of his life behind him already, he doesn’t need to be asked about it over and over.

When the interview ended, we were allowed to have a few autographs and a picture! I shook his hand. TWICE. Also, I’ve tweeted him a list of food that he needs to try while he’s here. Hopefully he gets to see that because I firm believer of the fact that one must have at all costs a gastronomical experience in the Philippines.

Aside from K-pop, by the way, I’m also very passionate about food.

So, that’s it! That was my ~fan encounter~ with Jay Park. Hopefully this won’t be the last time I get to rub elbows with my idols (even if Jay technically isn’t an idol anymore). I’ll be back soon with more of the music (I must admit that I’m having a very, very hard time keeping true to my hiatus – my fingers are itching to review Beast, Miss A and SHINee’s new material, plus there’s that new co-ed group that came out. UGH, how will I live?) RSS feeds are not my thing so for updates, you can follow this blog on Bloglovin’ and you can also follow me on my personal twitter.


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