[opinion] Kaye on 2ne1

Alright, that tag is kind of stupid because obviously all of my pieces are opinion pieces. :\

In any case, I’ve been away for quite some time because it’s nearly finals week here and I’ve got requirements that need taking care of, but I’ve been playing with the idea of making opinion pieces on idol groups and their members, instead of just focusing on their music and I figured that with 2ne1 making a comeback, they could be my guinea pigs.

*insert evil, mad scientist laugh here*

If I were to pick a word that would basically sum up 2ne1 in a nutshell, that word would be ‘outrageous.’ They’ve got this strong, independent, hip-hop, in-your-face-blah image going on and they express it in the fact that they are not like…these traditionally pretty girls that look pretty onstage and sing pretty songs. They wear the most bizarre outfits and hairstyles, and they sing these messy, not always melodic songs and the girls themselves are not traditionally aesthetically pleasing (which is not an opinion I subscribe to because beauty is subjective) but the strangest part is that all of that is part of their appeal.

I actually don’t really believe that they’re the fiercest, most amazing group ever to walk the planet, but they are pretty good at what they do. Under the cut, I’ve picked apart the members and analyze them on an individual level because I think that it is a better use of my time than my History paper, which is still unfinished.

[PS, text heavy and I don’t like pictures.]

Bom. Park Bom scares me a little bit because whenever I watch her sing, I always feel like she’s going to rip her face open if she opens her mouth too widely. Mean, I know, but she’s a beautiful girl, and I wish she hadn’t done as much to her face because I think all that plastic surgery might have affected her ability to sing.

In spite of her great tone, I think that she’s a very weak performer (are those angry townspeople with torches and pitchforks I hear calling my name?) She gets winded and breathless really easily, which is something that she needs to work on because 2ne1 is a very high-energy group and most of their performances involve jumping around on stage, playing with the audience etc etc. When she does too much of that, her singing suffers. In terms of dancing, she’s just so…awkward. Lord knows the girl tries to be hip-hop and gangsta but you just want to go to her and go, “Oh honey, let me…um, here. I mean…” because she doesn’t hit the choreography as hard as the other girls.

I honestly don’t think that she’s a lost cause though. If she works on her endurance a little more, she could be amazing.

Dara. Or as we in the Philippines called her, Sandy LOL. I think she tries very, very hard, but there’s only so much that training can do. Her voice is very thin and her tone’s not as pleasing as Bom’s so she’s not a great singer, and neither is she a good dancer. She gets by but the fact that she merely ‘gets by’ instead of rocking the stage makes her presence in the group a little questionable. She does, however, give her all in performances. Her all is admittedly not much but I think the important thing is that she tries. She shows constant improvement, which means that she knows that she is severely lacking, but she doesn’t sit back and coast on her good looks.

I actually don’t have much to say about her. :\

CL. The most famous criticism of CL is that she’s “obnoxious” onstage, which I find quite ridiculous, truth be told. If I were to compare CL’s performing style to another idol, I’d say that she rather resembles SHINee’s Jonghyun: she shouts her raps, he screams his lines (or at least, pushes to the point where he sounds extremely grating). She humps the floor, he does that saliva-wiping thing in every performance. The difference between the two of them is that Jjong is a guy and he can pretty much do whatever he wants, but God forbid if CL, a girl, tries to show the slightest bit of stage charisma that doesn’t involve cutesy winks at the crowd, the heart signs and whatever else.

Personally, I find her excessiveness refreshing. You can tell that she absolutely loves to perform and she just commands the stage with ever performance. Even though I don’t always think that 2ne1’s songs are particularly amazing, I start to think that they are, which when you think about it, is something that a good performer can do. The flipside however is that outshines the other members. It’s not like she deliberately does it, it happens because she just is that good and I don’t think she should be flogged for that.

Minzy. God, if I had half this girl’s krunk when I was 16…I think Minzy has tremendous potential as an all-around performer. She’s got a good voice, steady, good control with an interesting tone, she’s not that bad at rapping, she’s got fantastic stage presence, and everybody knows that she can move. I don’t actually think that her dancing is that amazing, but she’s got that whole natural rhythm going for her, which is a good foundation for the more complicated stuff, should she choose to diversify her style.

I guess what I’m getting at is that 2ne1 as a group is made up of good performers but they aren’t good performers, period. They also lack in certain areas and they don’t always fill in for what the others lack. In spite of that, I think that performance-wise, they constantly deliver. Whether or not they actually make good music is something we’ll explore another time.


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