[debut] Dalmatian’s Round 1

Ridiculous name aside (seriously MC Mong, the entire Indian Boy concept aside, I think you’re a pretty good rapper, and a damn funny guy to boot, so the name kind of baffles me), I think they’re pretty legit. None of this ‘I’m-making-a-stank-face-while-saying-my-lines-therefore-I’m-rapping-rawrr,’ I see with a lot of idol rappers, but then again what else do you expect from a crew handpicked by Mong?

I’m not really feeling the song but what I like about this group is that it looks very intelligently put-together. Three singers, three rappers, and none of them look like they’re just coasting. I like that one guy’s falsetto too – it’s not too nasally, not too shrill…Personally, I’m looking forward to their debut stage, as well as their succeeding outputs.

What I’m probably iffy about at the moment (and I suppose this is me being an asshole) is all the news coming out about leader Inati’s brain hemorrhage and how MC Mong supported him through his ordeal. There have officially been two news articles, and no doubt they’ll probably be asked about it if and when they go on variety shows. I think it’s sweet, really I do (I’m not made of stone, y’know), but I’m hoping that nobody milks the issue for all it’s worth for the sympathy. The dudes have potential – they deserve fans that come for the talent, not the sob story.


2 thoughts on “[debut] Dalmatian’s Round 1

  1. They’re better than I expected! ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it just me, or does falsetto boy looks like he could be Onew’s younger brother, and the guy at 3:22 looks like G Dragon? Haha

    Great post Kaye! Really level-headed ๐Ÿ™‚

    • *insert all Asians look alike stereotype joke here* :)) The singers are so adorable, I want to pinch their cheeks and start cooing at them. Major case of “hey he looks like…” with them though. I feel very uncomfortable with making Daniel my bias because he looks like my friend. XD

      OH OH did you see their encore on M! Countdown? They had an actual dalmatian with them. CUUUTE. XD I hope they’ve given the dog a name haha

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