[single review] Sistar’s Shady Girl

Groups that aren’t backed by large companies with extreme clout (ahem, SME, JYPE, YG) are sometimes a lot more interesting to watch than the groups that are because even if they have the talent, they don’t always have the luxury of having the best producers and song writers and choreographers, and they often have to work doubly hard just to get the same amount of fame. Sistar is one of the groups that I’ve had my eye on since their debut because their lead singer Hyorin made their horrific debut song Push Push bearable, at the very least so while I happen to think that they should have waited a little bit longer for their comeback, any attempt at improvement is certainly very welcome.

[Is it obvious that writing introductions is totally not my thing? Either that or I’m even more burned out than I thought.]

1. Drop the Beat (ft. B2K) – Hold up – B2K as in Bump, Bump, Bump B2K? Well, that’s a rather unexpected combination. In any case, I think it would have been better to extend this into a full track, even if I would be tearing my hair out with the ~lack of consistency!1!11!~ It’s got an interesting sound, but it feels kind of lost in the shuffle, especially since they’re going for a classically girly concept this time around.

2. Shady Girl – Well, it’s very cute and certainly very Sistar. I like it, but I can honestly say that it won’t be winning any awards any time soon. Standard girl group fare, and though I find it to be a lot less annoying than Push Push, it lacks a certain oomph that would make it an effective promotional song. What I like best about this song is probably the fact that it’s extremely simple. No over-processing with this track, which makes it easier to keep track of their vocals. Hyorin, for example, does some very lovely runs near the end, and I’m glad that So Yu is actually singing in a range that she’s comfortable with, as opposed to the squeaking that she did for their last release.

3. No Weak Man – I am in LOVE with this song. It’s got an 80’s-90’s girl group vibe (think beyond the entire girl power phenomenon – they made softer songs too!) to it, which I suppose makes it sound a little dated in comparison to other ballads, but I think it suits the album quite nicely. I also like that they made the harmonies a pretty integral part of the song because I think that they’re one of the groups that can do the harmonies pretty well as evidenced by their radio show performances.

*The fourth track is an instrumental version of Shady Girl.

General Comments: If there’s one thing I would criticize about this single, it would be the fact that it’s actually rather boring to listen to. I mean, I liked the songs and I had this album on repeat practically the entire day, but when I would stop listening, I would actually forget how the song went. In terms of making an impact, I think Push Push did a better job, but I also think that catchy doesn’t always mean good. I thought that their first single was a mess, honestly, because the vocals were all over the place and there wasn’t really a structure to the song. I found it odd because Brave Sound is usually pretty good at making their songs sound cohesive.

This second release is a lot tighter, which I suppose means that Starship Entertainment is getting an idea of what direction they want to take Sistar, which is good of course, because that’s another step out of the generic box. It’s not a big step, but we all have to crawl before we learn to walk.

I would give this one maybe a 2.5/5.


One thought on “[single review] Sistar’s Shady Girl

  1. I think that SISTAR have potential but they just need a really good song to show off all their talent. I agree with you that the songs are forgettable and blend in to the background

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