[MV Beat] Flash Beat

Three MVs released on the same day as my Philosophy orals. What are you doing to me, Korea? Do you want me to fail my senior year of university?

I decided to review them all in one go, actual song included since Rainbow’s is a digital single, and Nine Muses has just one other song. Please keep in mind that I just came home from midterms, and believe you me, you have not been grilled until you’ve been grilled about Thomas Aquinas. 😐

No Playboy by Nine Muses – Underwhelming. It’s catchy, but it lacks some serious oomph. If I were to compare it to another song, I’d compare it to Supermodel (Work) by RuPaul (Yeah, just ignore the girls; I couldn’t find a working version of RuPaul in all her majesty): it’s not supposed to show off anything other than your hot bod, which the girls have. Also Julien Kang. Ahem. In any case, I’m waiting until I hear them on a radio show or something before I judge the girls’ skills; debut songs are not always the best place to get a taste of vocal ability.

A by Rainbow – Leaps and bounds better than I wanna gossheep gurl~, which makes you wonder why DSP even bothered with that ridiculous debut song if they had the ability to churn out something like this? It’s got a very mod, Austin Powers-y, femme fatale vibe, which is certainly a route none of the current girl groups have gone yet. Look-wise, I’m liking the overall sleeker look, though I did notice that one of the girls is in possession of a very good push-up bra.

Madonna by Secret – Well, it’s very gold. The dresses need to go though, as they wash the girls out, especially against the gold background, gold floor, gold wash…I’m not a fan of the ashy purple on Hyosung but everyone else is really pretty. Overall concept and sound is very similar to Magic, but I don’t think it’s as big a deal as everyone is making it out to be, probably because I’m a fan of the girls. In any case, I don’t think it takes too much away from the song’s merit; at the very least, the girls are certainly working it hard enough.

Will be reviewing Secret’s Madonna mini-album soon so watch out for that! 🙂


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