[mv beat] SHINee’s Lucifer

Let’s face it, we know who the real star of this MV was (even if I do think that he is in desperate need of a trim). Sorry Jonghyun but you and your guns come in third and second place respectively (HEH).

I don’t get why people are surprised this MV is more Taemin-focused than their previous ones, I mean, this is pretty dance-intensive, and he’s the dancer (well, him and Key, and to some extent Jonghyun; Onew and Minho get by with varying degrees of success). Its difficulty comes more from the intricacy of the movements than anything else, and I love the attention to detail in the tutting parts. I’m not a dancer so that means that in general, I’m impressed by anything beyond the running man, but I do know what I like and I do like this very much, which is why even though some of the song’s sparkle has rubbed off, I’m still looking forward to the lives.

Visuals-wise, some of it was really stunning (the part where they were jumping up in the air – rather random, but oh so cool – and the ‘darker’ dance scenes; the black and blue was really pretty) but some of it, I would have cut out, like Jonghyun and his car and the ones where Minho is walking up and down a hallway while lip-syncing horribly and being all mysterious and ~flamingly charismatic~

Minho wat

I mean, this is not intimidating or kewl; he looks like he’s burping in my face. I feel like he and Onew are on par when it comes to making really inappropriate facial expressions (I will never forget the RDD promotions, where Onew would say “bad boy,” while beaming at the camera, idek).

As a former Super Junior super stan, I’m slightly bugged that SHINee’s production budget is so obviously larger than Super Junior’s, but obviously we all gotta invest in something.


One thought on “[mv beat] SHINee’s Lucifer

  1. LMAO i totally laughed at the inappropriate facial expressions XD

    ^ i saw a funny gif about minho’s expression haha

    and lol onew. (im an onew bias) tbh, he looked kind of awkward in the RDD mv. haha i dont think he could ever pull off being a bad boy XD but the fact that he fails in his facial expressions is incredibly cute to me XD ❤

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