Music Recommendation Monday!

The Philippines is a tropical country so there are only two kinds of weather: sunny and rainy. It’s July so while everybody else is hauling out their beach balls and putting on their sunglasses, we’re wading through ankle-deep puddles and forgetting our umbrellas. Inspired by 2PM Junsu’s rainy day playlist (and can I just say that the dude deserves a spot for his compositions on the next album? His playlist is just so…smart. And sexy too, hee :”>), I’ve compiled four Korean songs to listen to on a rainy day for today’s Music Recommendation Monday (lol that rhymes)!

1. Romeo N Juliet by Clazziquai. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of recommending Clazziquai. This song is from their third album Love Child of the Century, which is my favorite album from them thus far. There’s just something incredibly soothing about Alex and Horan’s voices, and I’m pretty sure that anyone who covers this song would not be able to give the song the same vibe as they do. It makes me feel like staying in bed with the covers pulled up to my chin while the rain patters outside my window.

2. I Do by Bi. No rainy day playlist is complete without Bi; his name is Rain after all (*cue instant rimshot*) Kidding aside, I always get a little panicky when it rains because I tend to walk everywhere and I’m always forgetting my jacket and umbrella, and this song never fails to soothe my frazzled nerves. Unlike the first, which inspires a sort of relaxed but lazy sort of vibe, this one makes me feel relaxed but also kind of industrious at the same time – perfect for rainy days when you have nothing to do but your homework.

3. 사랑해 마지막 그날까지 by Rumble Fish. I cannot for the life of me find the English title to this song. In any case, In any case, there’s just something about plucking guitar strings that remind me of raindrops and the more traditional interpretation of rain (you know, the one where rain is a metaphor for tears and sadness? Please don’t think I’m weird) so I went with this song, which is a little more somber in comparison to the first two songs, but lovely nevertheless.

4. Saturday Night by Eve. From the slow, mellow songs, we move on to so something a little more upbeat. This song is for the rainy days when you’re just a restless ball of energy. Listening to it makes me want to start singing in the rain and splashing around in the puddles. On a shallower note, I picked this song because I like the little electronic beeping noises thrown in with the more traditional rock sound of the song. It’s cute 🙂

So there you go! Download links will be removed in 48 hours, please support the artists! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Music Recommendation Monday!

  1. OMG lol wow i love all of these songs! 🙂 lol what a coincidence XD

    also, strangely that album was my least favorite 😦 kind of disliking the electronica feel of their recent stuff.. miss their Instant Pig and Color Your Soul kind of songs.

  2. I LOVE CLAZZIQUAI TO DEATH TOO. But Sweety and I will give You Everything would be my forever favorites. ❤

    I enjoyed listening to the songs. Thank you~

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