[brainfart] ooey gooey Orange Caramel

I would apologize for having not updated in ages but I’m not even sure if people noticed so let’s skip that and jump right into today’s brainfart.

I like After School, but I think that my like for them stems from their confident, girl-power image than their actual musicality. I mean, I do like their music (When I Fall is one of my favorites, and Ah, Diva and Bang! are staples on my workout playlists), but I probably wouldn’t care about them as much if they used the whole ‘oppa oppa, i like you, tee hee’ schtick everybody else does, you get what I mean?

Which brings us to Orange Caramel, After School’s first subgroup. To tell you the truth, I’m torn. I do like the fact that Nana and Lizzy get to do something other than stand there and look pretty because in a group as big as theirs, it’s hard for people to stand out and thus you get called useless even though you can actually sing, just not as well as the other vocalists (take Nana for instance; who knew that she could actually hold a note? Not I, that’s for sure) but I hate, hate, HATE the fact that Raina, who’s got the most solid voice in the group (Jungah, in my opinion, has great tone but her control leaves a lot to be desired, I hardly notice Jooyeon and Gahee gets far too many lines, even if she is leader and HBIC) has to use the aegyo voice to be able to fit in with the concept (don’t lie, you know what the aegyo voice is).

I have issues with aegyo, as you can probably tell – I’m not a fan of grown women acting like they’re 10. It’s not that I think cute songs are completely devoid of value, it’s just me being really obsessive compulsive with consistency again. Of course, the reason for a sub-group is to give the other members a chance to shine and do other things, but I expected them to be able to keep at least a little bit of what made After School so likeable. I look at this concept and think ‘juvenile, immature, childish,’ and it even comes to a point where I start to feel a little embarrassed for them, Raina especially, because she can do way better than this. I feel like it’s doing the main group a huge disservice because they’ve been trying hard to sort of distance themselves from what the trends (marching band! lady abs! Korean PCD!) and then you have the subgroup completely deviating from that plan.

I don’t know, am I overreacting?


5 thoughts on “[brainfart] ooey gooey Orange Caramel

  1. i completely agree. i mean, especially with raina. she’s not even using her normal singing voice! whyyyy. D: sigh.

  2. My problem with Orange Caramel’s aegyo is that Raina looks kinda old. I didn’t know she was only a year older than you.

  3. Sade: I totally do not get the appeal of the aegyo voice. At all. 😐

    LOOOOOOOL CREEPER. I think it also has something to do with her haircut. It makes her face look huge.

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