[mini-album review] ss501’s Destination

I’ve got a few reviews way overdue and I was seriously debating with myself as to whether or not I should even bother but I figured that I need the practice writing so here we go.

Truth be told, I’ve never really paid much attention to SS501. It wasn’t that I thought they were crap, it’s just that they didn’t really stand out to me. Plus I was a massive SME stan back in the day and I didn’t really expand my circle of Kpop interests beyond what that company had to offer. Now that SS501 is back with what could possibly be their last mini album, Destination, I feel like maybe I should have paid attention.

1. Let Me Be the One – Hands down, the best song in the album. It’s a sweet ballad but it’s not boring, and I like its sort of old-school R&B style. What I like most of all is the fact that there’s no rap. I abhor this trend of adding raps to ballads just so the rapper can have something to do.

2. Luv Ya – I find this song refreshing, to be honest, because everyone else is releasing electronic dance tracks as their promotional songs, they have an orchestra. It’s not exactly the most innovative thing in the world, but it does help them stand out. As for the song itself, I do quite like it, though I probably could have done without the cocking gun and gunshot noises. And I’m surprised to admit that despite the rap being a little awkward-sounding, flow-wise, it does add something to the song.

3. Crazy 4 U – I’m not quite sure what to make out of this one. I like that they skipped the autotune despite having an electronic sort of sound to it, but I don’t like the song itself. So I don’t know, is that half a point?

4. Forever – Hmmm. This reminds me of this one song from the 80’s whose title I can’t exactly remember at the moment. I think that this sounds a little heavier than Let Me Be the One, mood-wise. Vocals are great and supposedly one of the members (Young Saeng?) wrote this but I don’t know. I’m personally not feeling it.

5. Let Me Be the One (acoustic) – There’s not much difference with this song and its original version, but I do like that you can hear their harmonies much more clearly in the chorus, which I suppose is the point. The best thing about it is probably the fact that if they did sing it, they would be able to pull it off remarkably well.

**The sixth track of the album is an instrumental version of Luv Ya**

General Comments: Overall, I like the old-school feel of it. I think it’d be easy to dismiss this one as boring, but I’ll go the positive way and call it ‘classic’ instead. I can’t pull the ‘continuity’ critique out of the hat with this one because even the most electronic-sounding song off the album meshes well with the others. Given that their last effort Love Like This was, in my opinion, a bit of a mess, I like that they’re veering away from the trend of having merely electronic dance music because truth be told, that schtick is for amateurs looking for the quick sell. Not that there’s no value in autotune, of course; I just like variety.

My biggest critique would be the fact that it’s a mini-album. What the hell, DSP? If their contracts are ending, they at least deserve to go out with a bang. Or we could take this mini-album as a sign that their contracts are being renewed. I don’t know.

I’d give this album a 4/5.


2 thoughts on “[mini-album review] ss501’s Destination

  1. YAY! You didn’t ask me to review this πŸ˜› But I’m fairly surprised you gave it a high rating than what I expected. What I love most about this is that there’s no autotune. Go double ass! /waves flag

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