[MV Beat] MBLAQ’s Y and Big Bang’s Tell Me Goodbye

The MV opens with Lee Joon in the shower, all steamy and angsty, breathing heavily as he says, “MBLAQ,” (very Rain, by the way) as if to remind the viewers which group that body belongs to, which in my opinion, is a perfect way to start an MV. Any MV, in fact, would benefit from Joon’s nakedness because he’s ridiculously good-looking, despite being slightly psychotic. He’s not even quirky – he’s one big quirk all on his own, him and Mir.

I like that it’s half-dance and half-story because you don’t see a lot of that in K-pop anymore, though I can’t help but be reminded of another idol group when I watch the dance parts because of the set and rather trippy outfits, which I hope to God they don’t plan on using during their performances. Choreography looks pretty cool, I especially like that sort of ‘echoing’ movement at 1:53 and the “oh, o-oh,” parts. I’m not sure how the MV benefited from the girl’s ‘dancing’ but OK, I’ll take it.

Autotuning Thunder’s voice made him sound even more annoying than he does normally. He looks good though, with longer and darker hair. Everyone looks good, though I probably would’ve been less heavy-handed with the eyeliner.

I’m still disturbed by G.O.’s lack of mustache, though. And this girl’s green nail polish. Also the fact that Seungho is sitting in the club like a total pimp badass and sipping…Sparkling Tropicana.

This MV has me wanting to ask a few questions though: what exactly is ‘it’ and how do I give it to your Y? What is a Y and how do I listen to it? AND LEE JOON, Y WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING??? (see what I did there?)

Back in the day, they had to mix milk with water whenever rain was used in a video because it showed up better on film. I hope that they’ve discovered more fabric-friendly alternatives since then because those are some nice suits and it would be a shame if they shrunk.

I’m not a fan of Big Bang and truth be told I don’t really pay much attention to them (please do not throw rocks at me) but every time I see them on Omona or whatever, they’re always dressed like a rainbow threw up on them, so seeing them all dapper like this is a refreshing change. I must admit that I’ve never found G-Dragon more attractive, even if he was stumbling around like a drunk for the second half of the MV. On that note, I’m glad that this is for their Japanese single because had this been for Korea, it’d probably have been banned just for ‘setting a bad example’ (see: TOP smoking, GD drinking, GUNS!!11!!)

Aesthetics-wise, the cinematography is beautiful and I think that the sepia wash really goes well with the somber mood of the song and the classic detective concept.


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