Music Recommendation Monday!

I figured that just like I recommended music for my first day of work, I would also recommend music on the first Monday I don’t have to work. My internship is done and over with, baby and I cannot wait to sleep in like a bum. And have more time for my various K-pop related pursuits, of course.

Nobody’s responded to my poll yet (please do! I sincerely want your opinion!) so I’m keeping things here for the meantime…maybe permanently depending on my decision and the results of the poll. In any case, this Monday, I’m recommending one of my favorite non-Kpop groups, Winterplay.

Winterplay is a pop-jazz group managed by Fluxus Music (they also manage Clazziquai, ByeBye Sea and W&Whale). I had the opportunity to watch them live when they came to the Philippines for the Philippine-Korea Friendship Day concert (where I’m sure they were eclipsed by SHINee and Mighty Mouth, who were also there and received the loudest screams from the fangirls in attendance) and I can only say this: HOLY SHIT, this woman’s voice owns my soul. It’s got a really unique quality to it, all husky and chill, which goes well with the jazzy sort of music that the group is known for.

Billie Jean is not my favorite Michael Jackson song (FYI: it’s PYT, hahaha) but this is my favorite covers by them. It’s very mellow and I particularly love the trumpet solo just because I think the trumpet can be pretty damn sexy sometimes.

If you’re after something a wee bit more upbeat, then I recommend Sweet Bubble (Bubble Song 2), which Hae Won sings with Clazziquai’s Horan. It’s upbeat and lovely, and their different voices (Horan’s is a bit higher and thinner) mesh together perfectly.

As always, support the artists! šŸ™‚


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