[MV Beat] Super Junior’s Bonamana

You don’t know how much I wish they had called this song ‘Bananamana’ instead. I mean. Bananamana. Sounds like a song I could seriously get into.

Choreography is sick, sick, SICK and probably the only reason why I’ll probably even watch the live performances, though there are some dead parts like that first verse where they all just stand there looking hot while the camera pans over their formation. The beats have serious potential. One of my friends mentioned that she would’ve liked to see some house in the choreo and after checking out some house-style dancing (admittedly, this is probably not the best house video to watch though watching it on mute while Bananamana’s going on is kinda trippy), I must wholeheartedly concur.

Also, Hangeng would have rocked the shit out of that choreo 😦 Henry as well. What I wouldn’t give for those pesky E.L.Fs to just SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP so Henry and Zhou Mi can finally be members of the main group already.

Visuals-wise, I really like the “we’re standing in front of a wall while a light bulb swings back and forth,” parts. What exactly was the purpose of Donghae’s cheap-looking magic trick? He looks good though, as do everyone else except I wish they had skipped the razor for Shindong and also given Eeteuk a shirt. I’m all for fanservice but I’m speaking aesthetics-wise of course (never mind the fact that I can barely dress myself), because his shirtlessness kind of throws off the dark on white thing the others have got going on.

Is Eunhyuk in an honest-to-blog SKIRT? Oookay.

For some bizarre reason, I think Super Junior is kind of approaching full-circle status in a weird sort of way. I was like a mega-fan when they debuted (holy crap, that was almost five years ago) with 12 members and I remember that for they were very rarely complete for first album promotions. First you had Hangeng, who was always having some sort of visa problem (he wasn’t allowed to perform on certain shows because he’s Chinese), and then Kibum who even then was always acting (though admittedly he was kind of good at it back then), with Heechul and Siwon constantly involved in some sort of acting project as well. You think watching them perform as 10 is bad? Try watching them perform as 8. 😐

You may have noticed that I’ve said nothing about the song itself. Still trying to figure out what I think about it, which is good because the album’s not out yet anyway.


2 thoughts on “[MV Beat] Super Junior’s Bonamana

  1. First time I heard it, I really thought — “Parang pang ati-atihan!”
    I didn’t even finish listening to it the first timeee! Song was a lot bearable with the MV. At least there was that hip thrust + KyuHyun + HeeChul to oggle at.

    But srsly D: I don’t feeeeel bonamana. Bananamana = OK LAH!

    • I didn’t finish it either! 😐 The song without the MV is just bleccccchhh for me.

      I LOVE the choreo. I love it so much that I want to make out with it, which is sad kasi haller, choreo not members? Wala na kasi si Kibum eh, permanently doing his acting lessons.

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