Music Recommendation Monday!

You might have noticed that I just recently switched themes. Isn’t it cute? 😀 I find it a rather nice change from the black and white one, which was really neat and simple, but also very somber, which really isn’t my style. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it as I am practically coding illiterate. In any case, sharing music seemed like an adequate distraction from the current stress that the 2010 national elections is giving me so here we are again.

Just one song for this Monday, and I’m embedding a Youtube video instead of a Divshare link because…well, let’s face it, Divshare kind of hates me (on that note, please someone recommend an embeddable audio player?).

For today’s Music Recommendation Monday, I’m recommending Can’t Tell You This is the End by J.Ae feat. G.O of MBLAQ.

This song is just so unbearably sweet that it immediately puts a smile on my face. J.Ae is probably one of my favorite Korean vocalists (Perhaps Love from the Goong OST, which she did with Howl, is still one of my favorite songs ever), which is weird because in general, I do like the stronger sounding voices than the lighter, breathier (creamier? lol) one that she has, but it does work for all of her songs so why quibble? G.O on the other hand…

Well, I knew that he could sing, but hotdamn, this guy’s voice gets me all melty EVERY TIME. I think his voice makes the song stronger, if you get what I mean. Or at least, stronger and more impressionable than it would have been had it been just J.Ae’s solo. That’s not to say that her stuff is weak, of course. I have a few favorites from her recent album Sentimental.

In fact, J.Ae’s entire album? Totally worth a listen.

Support the artists!


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