This is a brain fart

I’m not entirely sure why, but I almost always find myself rooting for the underdog. I suppose it’s understandable when you’re watching a K-drama (when the second male lead is so nice and sweet to the female lead that you wish and hope and pray to Lord on high that they end up together even though you know that she’ll end up with the male lead, and he with either the second female lead or no one…you know what I’m talking about! 🙂 but it probably makes less sense when you’re talking about idol groups.

That being said, I am rooting for ZE:A and Secret.

Here’s a secret, you guys (well, it’s not a secret anymore if you read my review of their second single)  – I actually really like them. I mean, yes, they had probably the second most ridiculous debut song ever (I firmly maintain that F.Cuz‘s Jiggy was even more ridiculous than Mazeltov) but there was just something about this group that made me want to stick around. And it’s a good thing I did because I discovered this:

UM, what is harmony? I think they really have a shot at this. As with any idol group, all they need is a killer song. All Day is a huuuge improvement from Mazeltov but they still need a little kick. It just kills me when people hate on them (HAHA CAN YOU SENSE MY BUTTHURT) because they’re so sweet. It’s not their fault they have nine members or that they had to sing the second most ridiculous debut song. 😦

With Secret…What are the most unflattering stage outfits ever?  :\ I think giving Hyo Sun (?) blonde hair was a wrong move because the blonde hair looks like it’s weighing her down something fierce. But honestly, I was pleasantly surprised at how good they sound live. I mean, this is a pretty upbeat song and they all sound ON POINT, which isn’t something you can say about all their sunbaes. Seriously.

I dunno, I just think it sucks that you’re doomed to irrelevance if you’re not part of the triumvirate (JYPE, SME, YG). :\ But then again, that’s just me.


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