Music Recommendation Monday!

Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to another edition of Music Recommendation Monday!

Okay, that’s lame. I sound like a gameshow host XD Seriously though, today’s my first day interning at Instituto Cervantes, I’m in a stellar mood and I figured, why not share the good vibes right?

I haven’t figured out how to embed the Divshare player yet (can anyone suggest an alternative place? It needs to have an embeddable music player) so just click on the song title and it’ll take you to the download page where you can listen to it. As always, it’ll be deleted after a week. Support the artists! 🙂

I must admit that I’ve yet to start watching Pasta but I’ve been reading recaps on Dramabeans and it sounds like something I could really get into. I mean, food, Lee Seon Kyun (aka The Voice from Coffee Prince and Triple), food…and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun singing for the OST? Instant win for me!

That being said, I definitely recommend giving 듣죠… 그대를 by Super Junior’s Cho Kyuhyun a listen.

According to Yesasia:

From the same producer as the Three Brothers soundtrack, Pasta OST kicks off with the main track “Listen… to You”, a sweet ballad performed by Super Junior’s Kyu Hyun. M to M contribute the Latin-rhythm mid-tempo ending theme “Go”. Other songs on the 16-track soundtrack include “You’re Cute” from After School’s Jung Ah and “Part-time Lover” from Alex and Clazziquai bandmate Horan.

It’s very light and sweet, and listening to it immediately puts me in a good mood. Also, I think Kyuhyun is definitely one of the best singers in K-pop, able to go from a heavier ballad to lighter pop, to the sort of quirky sound that is a staple for trendy drama OSTs.

However, if you’re looking to listen for something a little more upbeat with sort of a rock-flavor, I recommend Do You Wanna Get Me? by Biuret. According to Yesasia:

All-girls rock band Biuret finally releases their first full-length album, titled Be Full of Spirit, Beautiful Violet. Formed in 2002, the band released an EP in 2005, and was earlier selected to open for Oasis when the British duo performed in South Korea.

I usually don’t like the squeaky female voice (reminds me too much of J-pop, which I’m not a super big fan of) but in this case, I think it fits well with the image that the girls are going for, which is cute while also being able to kick your ass.

So there you have it, music for good vibes! Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter/Tumblr for more updates! Also, I’m always willing to hear from my readers so if you have any suggestions for the next round of Music Recommendation Monday, leave me a message on Formspring 😀


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