[single review] ZE:A’s Leap for Detonation

After singing about the seven days of the week in unflattering harem pants and hideous khaki outfits, the boys of ZE:A are back sporting black hairstyles and a new bad boy image. I’m not even gonna lie, I was so looking forward to this comeback because I knew they could do better than the autotuned mess that was “Wash Your Top, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.”

1. Intro – Aside from the unnecessary use of autotune, I really like this track. I wish they’d made it into a full-length song instead of just an intro because it sounds really chill and (I hate using this word to describe a song but it’s true) fresh.

2. All Day – The violin part in the intro sounds a bit like Outsider’s Loner, but the song itself (some upbeat, dance-ballad hybrid) has garnered comparisons to the sort of sound Big Bang is known for. Whatever floats your boat; I think it’s great, but it does get a little repetitive near the end because there’s not much of a climax in the song. I do wonder how they plan on performing this, though since the MV was mostly just a bunch of guys beating each other up (and Kevin Kim slipping into and out of the scenes like a frigging ninja). For more, STOP TAGGING YOUR FUCKING SONGS, BRAVE BROTHERS. T_T

3. Man2Man – I wish they’d chosen to promote this song instead. It sounds like it’d be way fun to perform and I love the rapping that happens at 1.04 and 2.08.

General Comments: Okay, I confess: I quite liked Mazeltov. But it was more for the endearing ‘wtf-factor’ than actual musicality. It wasn’t by any means the best song ever – hell, their debut single kind of sucked for me, to be brutally honest. I only stuck around because I found a bunch of their covers which were actually quite good…and also because I am ridiculously attracted to Kevin Kim. I mean, look at him.


I’m glad Star Empire gave them better songs to promote this time around. They’re not bad vocally, to be honest. Even their rappers can carry a tune, which is surprising since I think most rappers get assigned the role because they can’t sing (*cough*MINHO*cough*TAECYEON*). They’re pretty strong live, too. Not a hint of nervousness or whatever, which I guess comes from all those performances they did before their debut.

My only complaint with the single would be the cover; bad Photoshop is bad Photoshop and I am shit at Photoshop. I’d give this single a 4/5. Maybe even a 5 – bonus points for being most improved in the least amount of time.


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