Music Recommendation Monday!

I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. Quite a few albums have dropped since my last update but I’ve had deadline after deadline after deadline and thus, I had to make the extremely difficult choice of school over more active K-pop pursuits. Le fu, indeed 😦

Anyway, in the interest of diversifying our K Music taste, I’ve come up with Music Recommendation Monday. My divshare links aren’t embedding so instead you have a direct download link, which will take you to a page where you can listen to them before downloading. In the interest of not being accused of copyright infringement or inadvertently getting chewed out by the likes of Tablo, I’ll be deleting the songs after a week. However, if you want to support the artist (and really, you should), I’ll be posting links to where you can order their stuff online, alright?

Ready? Okay!

1. 랑겔한스 by My Aunt Mary

My Aunt Mary is one of South Korea’s most famous modern rock bands. Band members are: 정순용 (Soon-yong Jung – vocals, guitar), 한진영 (Jin-young Han – Bass), 박정준 (Jung-joon Park – Drum). They work with one of the sub-labels of FLUXUS Music, Violet.

WHAT TIME IS IT?? Summertime! Lame High School Musical reference aside, I chose this song primarily because I’m two days away from the end of my third year in university which means that it’s nearly time for my summer vacation! This song gives me such a relaxed vibe – it makes me think of going to the beach, laying on a hammock and just sleeping my school-induced stress away. But of course, if you’re still swamped with term papers and miterms and stuff, I find that listening to this song helps give me peace of mind, at least for a little while.

I also chose the song because…well, it’s My Aunt Mary. And admittedly, a lot of us probably don’t know who they are, which is a damn shame because they’re mad awesome.

Get the album at Yesasia!

2. Boys Be Ambitious! by No Brain says:

No Brain is a South Korean punk rock band that first began performing in 1996. Originally part of Korea’s homegrown underground punk movement, known as Chosun punk (조선펑크), in recent years the group has enjoyed mainstream sucess both with their music and their emerging acting and hosting careers.

For people looking for something a little more energetic (and perhaps J-Rock reminiscent? That’s the vibe I’m getting from this, anyway, kind of Asian Kung-Fu Generation-ish), this is what I recommend. No joke, I head-bang to this every time I hear it in the morning. It’s perfect for your motivational playlist.

Get the album on iTunes!

So there you have it, more K Music to listen to, yay! If you’re interested in what else I have to say, follow me on Bloglovin’ or watch out for my Tumblr/Twitter/LJ updates. 🙂


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